Smart Healthcare

Connect different healthcare medical and wearable devices, patient identification, environmental sensors and intergrate with hosiptal systems

Key Benefits

  • Multiple Devices, Multiple Vendors
  • Blood Pressure, EGC, Weight, Glucose, Cholesterol, Temp, O2 etc...

  • IT standard-based Security Model
  • In-house or public cloud system via Raw Data, API and HTML

  • Flexible data end-points
  • Offline mode(Local storage), Local network, public / private cloud vendors

  • Leverage web technologies
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, HTTPS, AJAX, WebSockets, SSE, REST API, Web2.0 mashup

  • Increase Operation Efficient, Self-help system
  • Automatic operation, long-term patient monitoring

3 Channel ECG Monitoring System

Connect the 3 Channel ECG device via BLE to IoT gateway and streaming data to cloud with panic button.It It is suitable for personal monitoring, remote consultation (telecmedicine)

Patient Monitoring System

It collects medical data from different medical devices with no human intervention. Gateway will send the data automatically to cloud or customer own server for visualization, analysis, alert and recording.