Smart Healthcare

Connect different healthcare medical and wearable devices, patient identification, environmental sensors and intergrate with hosiptal systems

Key Benefits

  • Multiple Devices, Multiple Vendors
  • Blood Pressure, EGC, Weight, Glucose, Cholesterol, Temp, O2 etc...

  • IT standard-based Security Model
  • In-house or public cloud system via Raw Data, API and HTML

  • Flexible data end-points
  • Offline mode(Local storage), Local network, public / private cloud vendors

  • Leverage web technologies
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, HTTPS, AJAX, WebSockets, SSE, REST API, Web2.0 mashup

  • Increase Operation Efficient, Self-help system
  • Automatic operation, long-term patient monitoring

Anaesthesia Clinical Information System (ACIS)

  • Web-based and App-based solutions
  • Flexbile and Modular Archecture
  • Custom-made, Configurable
  • User friendly Interface
  • Easy Future Enhancement

Advanced Cardiology Inventory Tracking Systems

This computerized inventory control system offers a more efficient way for Cardiac Catheterization & Intervention Centre (CCIC) to track and manage inventory.
  • tracking shelves items, inbound stock replenishment, outbound case material usage based on global standard barcode on the package
  • alerting for lower inventory and expiration
  • reporting generation for individual patient summary, monthly summary
  • calculating price markup for different classes, re-ordering supplies with suppliers and
  • providing actual cost, markup data to hospital accounting and purchasing department

Nursing Information System (NIS)

  • Support access from mobile device(iPad) or desktop PC
  • Login with different roles, Nurse, Patient Care Assistance, Doctor
  • Direct access with medical equipments to take measurement reading