Embedded HTML5 Browser

Meet different needs, browser fast, having your own browser for your devices.

Zetakey HTML5 Browser

Your Browser Solution Partner

Enable embedded device with latest HTML5 browser. We provide both Webkit-based or QtWebKit browser solution that offers HTML5 compliance, high-performance browser for Embedded Linux, Android, Windows EC2013, Compact 7, CE 5/6, Windows Embedded Handheld.

Latest version includes TLS1.2, OpenGLES, Websocket, C++14 compliance and more.

For Manufacturers

Zetakey offers industrial-graded cross-platform browser solutions to device manufacturers together with professional maintenance services. It is a proven solutions with market leaders for many years.

Optimzied for Embedded Devices
  • CPU: ARM9, ARM11, Cortex, x86
  • CPU Speed: 600MHz or up
  • RAM 256MB or up
  • OS: Windows Embedded Compact 2013/7, CE 5/6, WEH, Android, Linux
  • Linux: DirectFB, Framebuffer, X, GTK, MiniGUI
  • Configurable for screen size, memory, graphic, font, video, input etc
Unique Features and Usages
  • Flexible User Interface: XML-based configurable, Kiosk Mode
  • HTML5 Engine: .dll .net WebView application
  • Updated OpenSSL version, TLS1.2 support
  • Enterprise Android Browser with JavaScript hardware API
  • Advanced UI:Webfocus(D-pad navigation), Virtual Keyboard(EN, CN, ZH, KR, JP), Visual Bookmark
  • NPAPI support
Professional Support
  • Software porting, integration
  • Custom feature implementation
  • Regular Webkit and component upgrade
  • Onsite, Offsite support
  • Bug fixes and improvement
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For Solution Vendors, In-house Developers

Zetakey provides free-to-try online download versions to verify devices support, your web apps. Solution vendors can build HTML5 Web App on industrial ruggized devices, e.g barcode, industrial panel etc.

  • Build Web App for enterprise customers
  • Delivery cross-platform experience and support multiple devices
  • Use HTML5 engine as UI engine
  • Support latest HTML5 features eg. Offline, Storage, Local DB, Websocket
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