Zetakey Webkit Browser

Browser Solution for Your Project

Enable embedded device with latest HTML5 browser. It is a Webkit-based browser solution that offers HTML5 compliance, high-performance browser for Embedded Linux, Windows CE 5/6, Compact 7 and Windows Mobile.

Optimzied for Embedded Environment

  • CPU type: ARM9, ARM11, Cortex, MIPS, x86
  • CPU Speed: 200MHz or up, ROM 20MB, RAM 30-60MB
  • Configurable for screen size, memory, graphic, font, video, input etc

Professional Support

  • Software porting, integration
  • Custom feature implementation
  • Regular Webkit and component upgrade
  • Onsite, Offsite support
  • Bug fixes and improvement

Unique Features and Usages

  • Flexible User Interface: XML-based configurable, Kiosk Mode(No-UI)
  • Advanced UI:Webfocus(D-pad navigation), Virtual Keyboard(EN, CN, ZH, KR, JP), Visual Bookmark
  • HTML5 Engine: .dll .net WebView application
  • NPAPI support

Support latest HTML5

Build for Web Applications and Cross Platforms

HTML5 offers powerful features for you to build innovative applications for enterprise and consumer software.

  • HTML5 <video> <audio> tag
  • Canvas, SVG
  • Geolocation
  • Offline, Storage
  • Local Database
  • Websocket
  • File API
  • Many more...

Platform Experiences

Professional Service, Experienced Team

Zetakey Browser was preload and launched with many devices and many platforms. Our professional team proivdes porting service to ensure it works perfectly on your target devices and OS.


  • Broadcom BCM7405, BCM7358
  • Sigma 8652, 8654, 8670
  • Freescale i.MX53
  • Nvidia Tegra
  • Telechips
  • Solomon Systech 1938


  • Linux: DirectFB, Framebuffer, X, GTK, MiniGUI
  • Windows: CE5, CE6, Compact 7, Windows Mobile, .NET

Porting Schedule

  • 2 Weeks - Evaluation version up and running on target hardware
  • 3 Months - Ready for market launch

Web Apps For All Devices

We want to be connected

Not only PC, Mobile and Tablet are connected to internet and web services, every devices should be able to leveage their connectivity and access to unlimited source, HTML5 Webapps and services.

Check out how Zetakey HTML5 Browser benefits your industry!