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Zetakey will exhibit at Mobile World Congress 2018, 26 FEB 1 MAR 2018 Barcelona, Spain

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Zetakey IoT Gateway Solutions

True Internet Approach to Internet of Things

IoT Gateway supports translation of multiple protocol, full range end-to-end security, flexible on-board application for data processing and application logic, modular architecture for multi-vendors integration, always update-to-date device management, abstraction of hardware/application for healthy ecosystem.

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IoT solution for Web Developer

Browser as IoT gateway front-end
  • Embedded HTML5 browser with hardware plugins
  • Access hardwares via webpage(Javascript, HTML5, CSS)
  • Web application approach to IoT
Separate Hardware from Application
  • C/C++ for hardware driver
  • Javascript/HTML5/CSS for application development
Flexible Application Development
  • Focus on application and no need to worry about hardware
  • Use any web development tools
  • Facilitate Web2.0 mashup to IoT

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Embedded Compact 2013

The first Webkit HTML5 browser on the latest Windows Embedded OS - Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Support architectures

  • Virtual PC x86
  • ARM

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Sign & Send

Webapp - Sign and Send

HTML5 Signature Capture Web Application

  • HTML5 Canvas Webapp
  • Capture Signature
  • Send to email

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Android Browser

Browse fast with the Zetakey Browser on Android

  • Fast Tabbed Browser
  • Video Download
  • Content Sharing
  • Designed for Phone and Tablet

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