Universal IoT Gateway Middleware

Speed up IoT Development

Typical IoT (Internet of Things) project consist of "Devices" + "Gateway" + "Cloud". "Gateway" is often the critical element for large-scale IoT project.

It is a run-time middleware that connect different IoT devices, protocols, run domain-specific applications, support standard security models to cloud or servers;


Key Elements of IoT Gateway

  • Multiple protocol translation
  • Standard based security
  • Device Application
  • Data processing
  • Device Provisioning
  • Collaboration model

Offering and Services

  • Implement plugins for customer's IoT devices(Sensor, Actuator and Label)
  • Integrate any data-endpoint, customer's cloud platform / in-house IT system
  • Reference design including many preintegrated IoT devices

Ready-to-use Modular Solutions

Building Blocks approach to IoT

It provides the easiest way to build IoT solutions by using web app programming technology such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, HTTPS, AJAX, WebSockets etc. The IoT WebApps access the edge devices using JavaScript, and apply event-based, object-oriented programming models, and end-to-end web security models. Developers can separate the hardware domain and put more focus on their business logic. Front-end and back-end infrastructure can be reused for different hardware control.


  • Rich protocols support
    Bluetooth, BLE, ZigBee, UART, ModBus, I2C, MQTT, LoRa*, CANBus*
  • Easy integration
    Connect existing and new edge devices, integrate with enterprise system
  • Flexible data end-points
    Offline mode(Local storage), Local network, public / private cloud vendors
  • Leverage web technologies
    HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, HTTPS, AJAX, WebSockets, SSE, REST API, Web2.0 mashup
  • Modular approach
    Information encapsulation, business logic reuse