Frequently Asked Questions

Lists of questions frequently asked by users, usually about different aspects of the our company, products, services or anything. Let us know your questions



Who are Zetakey?

We are software developers, embedded engineers, experts in browser technologies, internet technologyies. About Us or you will know more if you email us at

What is the target hardware?

Min. ARM200MHz ROM 20MByte RAM100MByte or above. We are highly configurable for different hardware and purpose, eg. screen size, menu, icon, UI flow

Is it open source software?

All the source code will be open based on the license of the related open source projects. Device specific layer and porting code are proprietary

Is it free of charge?

It is free to end-user and non-commercial use. Please feel free to try it before your want to purchase a licensed copy. Device manufacturers and solution vendors will be charged for consultancy service and integration support fee.


Which version to use?

You can check the "System Properties" on your device. Generally, you will find something like "Microsoft Windows CE 6" or "Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact" or others

BTW, Zetakey Browser is self-contained in its folder. It will not install anything to system. You can just try a version and then delele it if it is not working.

Can I configure Zetakey Browser?

Yes, you can modify the "env.xml" under the browser folder. It was "env.txt". Some configurations only available in licensed version. With different online versions, you can verify 1)Zetakey browser able to run on your target device/OS 2) the required HTML5 features for your webapp.

Can I still use "env.txt"?

No, all latest versions will use "env.xml"

Scanner not working with Zetakey Browser, during ZK_NOUI(kisok-mode)


Font size too small, can I change it to bigger?

Yes, you can modify the "env.txt" under the browser folder by adding the following parameter(120 means 120%). And then you can restart the browser.

Set variable "ZK_FONTSIZE" to 120

How to enable proxy? (updated)

You can added the following link in "env.txt", which is located in the same folder as Zetakey browser.

Set variable "ZK_PROXY_ENABLE" to 1
Set variable "ZK_PROXY_ADDR" to []
Set variable "ZK_PROXY_PORT" to [80]
Set variable "ZK_PROXY_USERNAME" to [yourusername]
Set variable "ZK_PROXY_PASSWORD" to [yourpassword]

Exit with key or key sequence

Press 'a' to exit browser.


Press 'a' to 'b" will exit browser.


Other keycode values, F1 keycode = 65392, F2 = 65393, etc...

How to enable plugin

Zetakey browser support NPAPI. Here found an example of how to use plugin to play audio by Intermec

play audio with plugin

window.close() not working

Zetakey browser support window.close() on homepage. It will not work on second page.

It is only useable on commercial version. E.g. add/modify the "env.txt" to set the require homepage.


How to start the browser from Desktop

You can create a shortcut to Desktop or Start Menu

  1. Select the application zk_launcher.exe and “Edit” > “Copy”
  2. Go to \Windows\Desktop
  3. Paste it by “Edit” > “Paste Shortcut”

Error message: "Out of memory, browser is shutting down"

RAM usuage is critical for embedded browser. For websites with large image or heavry javascript, it may exceed the memory size and cause the error memory. For example, full version is likely to use 100MByte of RAM.

Also, please check the memory configuration, System Properties > Memory. You can just the slider of storage memory vs program memory.

Is it possible to run zetakey in kiosk-mode (fullscreen without any ui-elements)?

This feature is for commercial use.

Yes, you can modify the "env.txt" under the browser folder by adding the following parameter. And then you can restart the browser.


Please noted the demo does not allow change the first page, so it will go to without UI. If you purchase the commercial license, you could change the first page to local file or internet website.

How to enable mouse cursor?

You can modify the "env.txt" under the browser folder by adding the following parameter. And then you can restart the browser.


Error message: "This website is not trusted, do you want to continue.."

Please ensure the device system clock is set correctly. For HTTPS connection, it require valid system time for secure connection.

I cannot see the URL address bar and cannot go to other sites

After you unrar(uncompress) the software, upload the whole folder and it's subfolder to the target devices. Please verify the folder and it should contain something look like this. Browser folder Resource folder

Error message: "Cannot find zk_launcher or one of its components"

This error may be shown when using different CPU version, say ARM or X86, or incorrect Windows CE version.

Please check our download page

Can I change the "home page" to my own companies home page.

It is supported on commercial release. On commercial version, you will have the documentation and access to all available features.

Response on is very slow

There is a CSS gradient backgound in which cause a lot graphic computation. It is suggested to use the "Lite" version.

When I focus on the text box, it starts SIP (virtual keypad) automatically. Can I disable this feature?

You can modify the "env.txt" under the browser folder by adding the following parameter. And then you can restart the browser.