Embedded Compact 2013 Webkit Browser

Align platform strategies and leverage cross-platform solutions

The first Webkit HTML5 browser on the latest Windows Embedded OS - Windows Embedded Compact 2013. Zetakey provides continuous maintenance supports and upgrades to industrial leading manufacturers. We ensure the most complete OS coverage.

Support architectures

  • Virtual PC x86
  • ARM
  • Updated Tools

  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Visual Studio 2013

  • Wide range of applications

    Bring Webkit and HTML5 to your device

    These devices range from enterprise tools, such as industrial controllers, communications hubs, and point-of-sale terminals to consumer products such as cameras, telephones, and home entertainment devices.

    • Barcode scanner
    • GPS device
    • Embedded PC
    • POS terminal
    • Industrial Panel
    • Many more...